I engage in NED & mentoring roles working with a small number of teams where I can add clear value and where there is a cultural fit. I also provide facilitation for strategic workshops with management teams.

  • Non Exec Director: Provision of core NED services (board attendance + set time per month support)
  • Mentoring: A weekly or monthly informal founder/CEO support mechanism
  • Investor-Readiness: A 1 week review to prepare for key events. This involves a process of calls and offline reviews of decks, models and other areas that will be evaluated by a professional investor.
  • Consultancy: Workshop facilitation and strategy work for existing partners focused on fund raising, go-to-market and marketing strategies. This can include operating in a part-time, interim CMO/CCO role where needed. Key work includes: Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Positioning & Messaging, GTM Strategy, ICP development, Marketing Strategy, Partnerships Strategy, Agile Marketing Experiments, Metrics Development, Tooling, Hiring Plans, Next Round Fundraising Support and Investor Readiness

What is an NED? Read more here

So what about the mentoring? If you just want to sign up to a monthly support agreement with no formal board attendance and for me to be available online and on pre-scheduled calls this is the route to take.

What are the workshops? During my time as a startup exec, mentor and investor I’ve operated in a host of workshop environments and have since developed a facilitation method to support founder teams in accelerating critical processes such as fund raising and go-to-market strategy.

I can provide deck feedback for investments, strategy and DD readiness support. Sometimes having a ‘friendly’ is the best first way to pitch for funding.

Having seen over 500 seed and series A pitches and been on both sides of the table I can provide some questions before you get in the room with the partners.

Feel free to get in touch for more info