I engage in NED & mentoring roles where I can add clear value and where there is a cultural fit. I can also provide facilitation for strategic workshops with management teams.

  • Non Exec Director / Board Advisor: Provision of core NED services (board attendance + set time per month support)
  • Mentoring: A weekly or monthly informal founder/CEO support mechanism
  • Investor-Readiness: A planned program to prepare for key events. This involves a process of calls and offline reviews of decks, models, diligence checks and other areas that will be evaluated by a professional investor.
  • Consultancy: Workshop facilitation and strategy work for existing partners focused on fund raising, go-to-market and marketing strategies. Key work includes: Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Positioning & Messaging, GTM Strategy, ICP development, Marketing Strategy, Partnerships Strategy, Agile Marketing Experiments, Metrics Development, Tooling, Hiring Plans, Next Round Fundraising Support and Strategic Exit & Investor Readiness

What is an NED? Read more here

So what about the mentoring? If you just want to sign up to a monthly support agreement with no formal board attendance and for me to be available online and on pre-scheduled calls this is the route to take.

What are the workshops? During my time as a startup exec, mentor and investor I’ve operated in a host of workshop environments and have since developed a facilitation method to support founder teams in accelerating critical processes such as fund raising and go-to-market strategy.

I can provide deck feedback for investments, strategy and DD readiness support. Sometimes having a ‘friendly’ is the best first way to pitch for funding.

Having seen over 500 seed and series A pitches and been on both sides of the table I can provide some questions before you get in the room with the investment partners.

Feel free to get in touch for more info